Do bengals get along with other cats. Emphatically, YESSS.

We have placed them with everything from Siamese, persians to exotics and regular cats with no problems. See pics of pets we have sold page.


How big do they get?

Boys are usually 1/3 larger, ranging from 12-18 lbs Girls 8-12 lbs.


Do they need any special care?

No they are totally domestic and eat regular good quality cat foods. Ours eat dry and canned each day and we cook for them too - chicken cat soup...Fresh grass is good too and catnip once in awhile.


Do they shed?

If you get a kitten with pelt and glitter I find they shed not at all. Just once a year usually in August to get their new coats. Very little owner grooming is necessary.


What litter do you recommend?

Fresh Magic White Crystal Litter.  Totally dehydrates any solid waste and absorbs all urine.  No odor at all!  The clumpable is very dangerous, especially for kittens as they can ingest it and a clump of sand can develop in their intestines and kill them. Crystal is totally safe if ingested.


Do they like dogs?

YES - the bengal is a very self-assured cat who is not afraid of basically anything. Once they get used to your dog(s) they become fast friends. Amazing...

7. Keep new kitten in a small room by itself in the beginning with litter, food and water and bring it out only when you are home. That way you can teach the cat proper behavior and its limits within your home. You would not turn a two year old toddler loose in your home unsupervised - same witha baby cat...
8. Some kittens get loose stools from the stress of moving We recommend feeding them yogurt or buttermilk twice a day to correct this. You can also buy benebac paste at most pet shops or your vet and that is live yogurt cultures.

Do they every revert to the "wild"?

In my 14 years with Bengals I have never had any one's temperament change, neither has any of my customers.


Do they talk alot?

No but they will really talk to you and hold a conversation. My daughter taped our Supreme Takaido in a 20 minute talk she had with him one day. They really do answer you....A new kitten may cry the first few days from missing its littermates and familiar surroundings but after they adjust they are fairly quiet cats..



Get them spayed or neutered at 6 months

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